Blu-ray Reviews

Walkabout Review

A key part of Nicolas Roeg's decade-and-a-half great run of films, Walkabout is released on Blu-ray by Umbrella Entertainment.

Storm Boy & Blue Fin Review

Celebrating Australia Day, we review the 1976 classic Storm Boy on Blu-ray.

Cosh Boy Review

Controversial in its day for its portrayal of juvenile delinquents, Cosh Boy becomes the BFI's fortieth release in its Flipside line.

The Beyond Review

Woe be unto him who opens one of the seven gateways to Hell, because through that gateway, evil will invade the world.

Spetters Review

Life is like a croquette. Once you know what's in it, you'll never eat it again.

Model Shop Review

A love story of America with the touch of now

Ironweed Review

"I ain't half bad once you get to know me"

The African Queen Review

Bogart and Hepburn. All aboard

The Protector Review

New York has a new weapon - A cop with his own way of fighting crime. Jackie Chan stars as The Protector.

Upgrade: Limited Edition Review

This Limited Edition Blu-ray release of Leigh Whannell’s smart sci-fi is well worth the Upgrade.

Moulin Rouge Review

With a groundbreaking use of Technicolor, John Huston's film captures the life and times of Toulouse-Lautrec in Paris at the end of the nineteenth century. Now released on dual-format by the BFI.

Spider-Man: Far From Home Blu-ray Review

Spider-Man: Far From Home swings into a home cinema near you on this new Blu-ray releease