Star Trek: The Original Series Movies in May

Long rumoured, now semi-officially confirmed, the news has emerged that the first six Star Trek movies, those which star the original crew, are bolding going onto Blu-ray in May to tie-in with JJ Abrams's new film.

The Digital Bits is reporting here that in the US, all six films, from 1979's Robert Wise-directed Star Trek: The Motion Picture through to the crew's swansong in 1991's Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country will be released in a "Kirk/Spock" boxset. The interesting, and admittedly mildly disappointing news, is that all six films will be in their original Theatrical Versions - regrettably, it seems that the new SFX sequences created for The Motion Picture's Director's Cut in 2001 were only rendered at 480dpi and thus aren't suitable for an HD transfer. However, the good news is that all the films will have remastered video and audio. There's no word on which of the extras from the Special Collector's Editions releases will make it onto the discs - it's hard to imagine most won't - but whatever there is will be joined by new extras, including "famous fans" commentary tracks for each film and, splendidly, scenes from a Klingon production of Hamlet - check out this article and this press release for more information on that. Qapla! The due date is uncertain, with some reporting the 5th, others the 13th.

Quite how the discs will arrive on this side of the Atlantic is a little open to question at the moment. The screenshots below are taken from this Norwegian site which seems to suggest that the set will only include three of the films. The most obvious trilogy would consist of the second to fourth films, which cover the Spock-dies arc, but, although I can't read Norwegian, that site seems to think the set will include the first film. There's also mention of separate releases for five of the six films, oddly missing out Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (make your own jokes).

In addition, the first season of The Original Series is also finally coming to Blu-ray, nearly two years after it arrived on HD-DVD. Again, no word on what extras will come across, but there is very pleasing speculation that they will include both the newly remastered versions of the episodes and the originals, complete with 60s SFX, which the HD-DVD releases didn't include.

Further details as and when they are beamed down.

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