IFA 2007: Loewe announces Blu-ray player

IFA Consumer Electronics Show

High-end German electronics manufacturer Loewe has announced its first player for the Blu-ray Disc format - an incredibly slick device which is officially termed the "BluTech Vision Blu-ray player". Loewe's press release mentions specifically that the company views "Blu-ray technology as the successor to DVD", placing their allegiance firmly in one camp - at least for the time being.

Naturally, the player outputs 1080p/24 to compatible TVs, and supports the HD Audio Formats via an HDMI output, for HDMI 1.3 amps.

The BluTech Vision player will be released in October 2007, for an as of yet unspecified price, and will be available in two finishes: Chrome Silver and Anthracite, pictures of which follow.

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