F4: Rise of the Silver Surfer (US BD) in October

Fox Home Entertainment have announced the US Region A Blu-ray Disc release of Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer on 2nd October 2007 priced at $39.98 SRP. The world’s premiere superhero team, The Fantastic Four, meets their greatest challenge yet as the enigmatic, intergalactic herald, The Silver Surfer, comes to Earth to prepare it for destruction. As the Silver Surfer races around the globe wreaking havoc, Reed, Sue, Johnny and Ben must unravel the mystery of the Silver Surfer and confront the surprising return of their mortal enemy, Dr. Doom, before all hope is lost.

Arriving day-and-date, the Blu-ray Disc release will be authored in BD-Java with AVC (MPEG 4 compression) on a dual-layer 50GB disc with English 5.1 DTS HD Lossless Master Audio plus English, French and Spanish 5.1 Dolby Digital sound. The disc will feature all of the DVD special features (detailed below) along with the BD exclusive “Saving The World One Question at a Time” trivia game, “Who Dares Defy Galactus?” multi-player strategy game, D-Box motion sensor capabilities and several high-definition trailers.

DVD Special Features include:

  • Commentary by director Tim Story
  • Commentary by producer Avi Arad, writer Don Payne and film editors Peter S. Elliot and William Hoy
  • Extended / Deleted Scenes (with optional commentary by director Tim Story)
  • Family Bonds: The Making of Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer documentary
  • Sentinel of the Spaceways: Comic Book Origins of The Silver Surfer featurette
  • The FantastiCar: State of the Art featurette
  • The Power Cosmic special effects featurette
  • Character Design with Spectral Motion featurette
  • Scoring the Fantastic featurette
  • Interactive FantastiCar concept images gallery
  • Theatrical Trailers
  • Still Galleries (Behind the Scenes / Characters / Concept Art)

Further details on some the Blu-ray Disc exclusive content follows…

“Who Dares Defy Galactus?” challenges players to an intergalactic battle through a galaxy comprised of 30 planets, 10 of which are colonized and have varying levels of life force. Players compete against each other as either Galactus, who must find the live planets and consume their energy, or The Silver Surfer, who must find the live planets and defend them against Galactus.

If Galactus is victorious, additional solar systems are unlocked and the battle for live planets rages on. If The Silver Surfer defeats Galactus, the power cosmic never dies and will be waiting to consume more planets when players begin the game again.

Fans of “The World’s Greatest Comic Magazine” will be put to the test to compete for Fantastic Four knowledge supremacy in the “Saving The World One Question At A Time” interactive, pop-up trivia game. Contestants must correctly answer a series of trivia questions related to the Fantastic Four film and Marvel comic book franchise in order to defend Earth from Galactus’ ravenous appetite. A chain of illuminated planets are aligned on the bottom of the television screen. If players fail to answer trivia questions correctly to deter Galactus, one-by-one the planets will fall dark until the World as we know it is destroyed.

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