Braveheart (UK BD) in November

Fox Home Entertainment have announced the UK Blu-ray Disc release of Braveheart (Collector’s Edition) on 2nd November 2009 priced at £19.99 RRP. Mel Gibson’s award-winning film comes to Blu-ray as a two-disc edition using a HD master supervised by cinematographer John Toll. The release also boasts over 150 minutes of never-before-seen material (in the UK) complete with brand-new interactive content.

Braveheart Blu-ray Special Features:

Disc 1:

  • Audio commentary by Mel Gibson
  • William Wallace’s World (Picture-in-Picture commentary to display periodically during film. Also available separately on Disc 2 as a stand-alone special feature) - presents the history and locations of Wallace’s life and times. This interactive feature lets viewers take a closer look at two of the Scottish Rebellion battlefields featured in Braveheart. They will be able to see the topography and troop moments rendered in stunning high-definition 3D motion, while clicking on select hot-spots which will allow them to learn more about military strategy associated with each location. Viewers can also access Picture-In-Picture video from renowned historian Fergus Cannan as he elaborates on the importance and strategy associated with each of the sites.

Disc 2:
  • Battlefields of the Scottish Rebellion
  • William Wallace’s World (30 mins)
  • Tales of William Wallace (32 mins)
  • A Writer’s Journey (21 mins 30 secs)
  • Photo Montage (6 mins 25 secs)
  • Alba Gu Brath! The Making of Braveheart:
    • Reviving a Genre (21 mins 44 secs)
    • The Heat of Battle (22 mins 6 secs)
    • Worth the Fight (14 mins 39 secs)
  • Archival Interviews:
    • James Robinson
    • Catherine McCormack
    • Brendan Gleeson and James Cosmo
    • David O’Hara
    • Angus McFadyen
    • Patrick McGoohan and Peter Hanley
    • Sophie Marceau
  • Best Movies on Blu-ray Trailer

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