3 BD Titles including The Prestige in February

Buena Vista Worldwide Home Entertainment have announced their second wave of US Region A Blu-ray Disc releases for 2007. Titles will include Ladder 49 and Reign of Fire, which will be in stores on February 13, and The Prestige which will be available day-and-date with DVD on February 20. Retail is $34.99 SRP each.

Ladder 49 (50GB Dual-Layer) will feature original DVD bonus features including The Making Of Ladder 49, Everyday Heroes, Deleted Scenes, commentary from Director Jay Russell, the "Shine Your Light" Music Video by Robbie Robertson and Blu-ray exclusive Movie Showcase.

Reign of Fire will feature original DVD bonus materials including Breathing Life into The Terror: The Making of The Dragons, "Below The Line: If You Can't Stand The Heat" pyrotechnics featurette, a conversation with Director Rob Bowman, the original theatrical trailer and Blu-ray exclusive Movie Showcase.

The Prestige (50GB Dual-Layer) will include DVD bonus features The Director's Notebook: The Cinematic Sleight of Hand Of Christopher Nolan, "The Art of The Prestige" featuring a dazzling display of costumes, scenery and set design, along with Blu-ray exclusive Movie Showcase.

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