The Office: An American Workplace

The third episode of the US remake of The Office was broadcast last night, and despite dropping audiences, to me this adaption has exceeded all of my expectations. While the pilot episode suffered from shoehorning the new American characters into the British script, the subsequent episodes have shone with some very funny and some very cringeworthy moments and have helped The Office: An American Workplace develop into it's own show.

Taking over Ricky Gervais' role as manager, Steve Carell plays Michael Scott - and despite sharing many of Brent's characteristics, Carrell plays the role with a slightly different energy making him something more than a rehash. The same can be said for most of the other cast members - they're recognisable when compared to the original UK cast, but they all have a different edge that means this new version of the The Office isn't just a cynical attempt to exploit Merchant and Gervais' original series.

Definitely well worth checking out when it reaches BBC Three later this year - along with Scrubs and Arrested Development, this is one of the better US comedy shows currently showing and beats the hell out of bland chaff such as Joey.

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