We're now half-way through the first season of the new Doctor Who and we've just had what I consider to be one of the best episodes of a British television series ever made. Dalek, which was always going to be the most viewed episode of this series, was on a par some of the best television I've ever seen - I may sound like a crazed fanboy, but I sincerely hope that Robert Shearman's contribution to the season one stories will be considered the best that Doctor Who has to offer.

The writing was flawless - not only did Shearman make the Dalek one hard bastard, he also managed to give it more depth than all of the previous Dalek stories put together. By the end I felt sympathy for this evil killing machine. Christopher Eccleston's performance was his best yet, and Billie Piper continued to be a delight.

If rumours are true, this may not be the end of the Daleks and we can expect to see more of them in the two-part season finale. After this show, I really can't wait. I have no hesitation giving Dalek 10/10 - it's the best British TV has to offer.

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