7 Films to Watch on Freeview TV This Week

True Romance   Sat   30/9   TCM @ 21:00

A love-at-first-sight couple go on the run to Los Angeles with a stolen suitcase in tow and the owners of said suitcase in pursuit. Tony Scott directs Quentin Tarantino’s script and the result is one of the most entertaining and quotable films of the 90s. Dark, hilarious, brutal and brilliant with a superb cast headed by Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette with amazing support led by Christopher Walken and Dennis Hopper.

The Edge of Love   Sat   30/9   BBC2 @ 23:35

An enjoyable tale about the life of Dylan Thomas but told through his relationships with two women, his first love Vera Phillips and his wife Caitlin McNamara. A lovely looking period drama set during the blitz in London and later along the pebbly Welsh coast. Great acting from a solid cast is the icing on the cake. Keira Knightley and Matthew Rhys are excellent as Vera and Dylan, with Sienna Miller and Cillian Murphy, dependable as always, in support.

V/H/S   Mon   2/10  Horror Channel @ 22:45

A group of thieves rob a house and find a VHS tape which contains five different tales of terror. This is one for horror fans only. It’s pretty disgusting in places and quite hard to watch in others but if you are a fan of the genre you’ll be entertained. Each tale is directed by different filmmakers including Adam Wingard, Ti West and Joe Swanberg who have all gone onto bigger films since.

Ice Cold in Alex   Tues   3/10   More 4 @ 10:00

A very entertaining story of a British medical unit trying to get to Alexandria during WWII with only a massive desert blocking their way. A lovely looking film packed with memorable characters and funny/tense moments. John Mills leads a cast of recognisable English actors and the finale will leave you dying for a tall cold pint of lager. Record this for a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Drums Along the Mohawk   Wed   4/10   Film4 @ 15:00

A pair of newlyweds try to make a life for themselves by the Mohawk river but threats, both internal and external, make life difficult for them. This 1939 western from John Ford is a classic of the genre; exciting, romantic, full of action and all looking beautiful in glorious Technicolor. The cast is superb too. Henry Fonda and Claudette Colbert are excellent but it’s Edna May Oliver in support steals the show.

Blue Valentine  Thurs   5/10   Ch4 @ 01:25

A non linear tale about the birth and death of a relationship. Grim and upsetting viewing sprinkled with moments of levity and with acting so good that you’ll be totally absorbed. Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams play the couple, and while Gosling is good Williams is stunning. As with nearly everything she acts in these days she’s amazing onscreen, you just can’t take your eyes off her. Highly recommended.

To Have and Have Not   Fri   6/10   TCM @ 15:05

Harry ‘Steve’ Morgan (Humphrey Bogart) is a boat captain on Martinique during WWII. Life gets complicated when he falls for an American woman and gets tasked to help the French resistance. Howard Hawks directed this very entertaining film full of suspense, fun and memorable dialogue. Lauren Bacall plays Slim in her film debut and she and Bogie are immense together. Walter Brennan supports.


Updated: Sep 30, 2017

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