Eragon TV series release date speculation, cast, plot, and more

Dragon Riders get ready for some redemption! Here is everything we know about the upcoming Eragon TV series release date, cast, plot, and more.

Eragon TV series release date: A dragon breathing fire

What is the Eragon TV series release date? When it comes to redemption reboots, few fantasy movies are as deserving of a second chance then the 2006 flick Eragon. The 2000s movie was famously slammed by critics for its rushed world-building. And with its planned sequels cancelled as a response, fans were left out in the cold and begging for another adaptation of Christopher Paolini’s hit novels for years.

Well, in 2022, all of our prayers were answered as an Eragon TV series reboot was announced. That is right after a decade of waiting; Dragon Riders are heading back to our screens, with the author Paolini fully on board the new adaptation train too. As a TV series, world-building can fully be established, and the complex lore and history of Alagaësia explored. It is all pretty exciting, but you may be wondering when exactly this reboot is scheduled to be heading our way.

The Digital Fix is here to answer all your questions about the upcoming fantasy series. From the Eragon TV series release date, cast, plot and more, here is everything we know about the future adaptation.

Eragon TV series release date speculation

There is currently nothing confirmed for the Eragon TV series release date. But, you can rest easy knowing that the upcoming show is definitely on its way.

In June 2022, Variety revealed that an Eragon TV series was in the early stages of development over at Disney Plus. Since the series has yet to confirm a showrunner, it seems that casting and filming are still far off.

Considering that the show will also require a lot of editing and special effects, we have to take post-production into our potential timeline too. With this in mind, it is unlikely that we will see an Eragon TV series release date falling in 2023.

2024 or 2025 is our best bet on guessing when Disney Plus will release the new show. However, this is just speculation on our part – so keep your eyes on this guide as we update you on all the latest news.

Eragon TV series release date: Saphira and Eragon getting ready for battle

Eragon TV series plot speculation

There is no official Eragon TV series plot synopsis at the moment, but the show is an adaptation of The Inheritance Cycle novels, so it is likely that it will be following the story of the first book in the literary saga – Eragon.

Written by Christopher Paolini, The Inheritance Cycle is made up of four main books, as well as the spin-off – Tales from Alagaësia: The Fork, the Witch, and the Worm. In the first book, Eragon, we are introduced to a fifteen-year-old farm boy named Eragon, who, while hunting one day, finds an abandoned dragon egg.

Eragon sets about raising the dragon named Saphira, and with the help of his mentor, Brom, sets about deepening his bond with the flying reptile in order to become a Dragon Rider and face off against the evil king Galbatorix – who is terrorising the land Alagaësia.

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The first book in the series is pretty hefty in terms of events; not only does it contextualise the fantastical world and offer the history of Dragon Riders (before Galbatorix wiped them out), but there is also plenty of journeys, characters introduced, Elven love interests, and even battles to look forward too.

With that in mind, it seems unlikely that the first season of Eragon will touch on any of the other books for now. But either way, fans can rest easy knowing that the drama series’s plot will probably be very faithful to the novels in the long run.

Paolini is co-writing the script, so whatever the plot, it won’t be far off from the one we all read back in 2003 when the first novel hit the shelves.

Eragon TV series release date: Saphira, Eragon and Brom

Eragon TV series cast

Currently, there have been no announcements for the upcoming Eragon TV series cast. Sad, we know!

Many are waiting to hear the final decisions over at Disney. However, plenty of fan castings are petitioning for at least one familiar face in the series – Jeremy Irons – in the meantime.

In the 2006 Eragon movie, Irons played the part of Brom, and you have to admit, did a pretty good job of it. Seeing him back as the character in the upcoming reboot would be an undeniably welcomed surprise. But unfortunately, Irons hasn’t commented or confirmed any talks between himself and the show.

Other names among some fan casting picks include Tom Holland as Eragon, Kit Harrington as Eragon’s half-brother Murtagh, and Jessica Henwick as the elf Arya. As we mentioned above, all these names are just wishful fan thinking. What we do know for sure about the upcoming series is its main crew, though.

Eragon TV series release date: Saphira as a baby dragon

Christopher Paolini himself is set to executive produce and co-write the TV series. While Bert Salke, who is also working on Disney’s Percy Jackson TV series, is serving as its executive producer.

With the author on board as well as Salke, any casting decisions will likely be a perfect fit for the fantasy characters, as they both are close to the source material and the story’s original vision. Stay tuned for updates!

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