Cyber Monday is here - save even more money!

Cyber Monday is here - save even more money!

The Cyber Monday sales have started across the internet with many stores - from Amazon to John Lewis already sharing huge discounts across their entire product range. You can pick up all of the Amazon Echo products at knock down prices as well as Google Assistant smart speakers. Amazon have 25% off games and loads of film and TV offers and there are some fantastic deals on televisions, hard drives, headphones and other gear. Check out our deals feed below.

We are also running a number of curated hubs on specific subjects:

There are hundreds of sites posting Cyber Monday offers - why should I come to The Digital Fix?

There are many, many huge sites that have dominated Google in terms of SEO which means it gets harder and harder for us to make any money at any time of year - and Cyber Monday in particular gets harder and harder for us every year.

Without the money we make over Cyber Monday we wouldn't be able to afford to run the site - let alone work on bringing you more content and features. So while there are going to be lots of places to visit we would REALLY appreciate your help in buying products via our links.

Smaller websites really need your help - it's important to ensure a variety of independently published content continues to be available online and as fake news and large sites start to dominate with their own profit-making agendas its becoming rarer and rarer for small sites to continue to produce exciting original content. With your help over periods such as Cyber Monday and throughout the rest of the year we can ensure we're doing our tiny bit to help provide variety and an alternative source of opinions and facts.

Even if you don't use The Digital Fix and our links try supporting one of other small independent sites - it'll be appreciated a whole lot more.

How can I make sure I'm saving real money?

This is what we're here for. Our promise to you is that we'll only point out the real bargains from retailers we use and trust. Unlike other sites we put pride in ensuring that we're recommending the best offers to you and we try to provide as many alternatives as possible through our price comparison tools.

There will be THOUSANDS of deals over the Cyber Monday period but often some stores rise prices in the run-up to Cyber Monday to make their 'cuts' feel bigger.

We'll be curating the best offers we find online and posting them right here - we're already posting deals below - and we'll be providing information on whether the price we're posting at is the best price we've seen to help you judge just how much of a deal this is. Obviously we don't know the historical prices of every product that will be on offer but we'll do our best, AND if a product is listed then it's certain to be on or near the cheapest you can expect it to be.

Enough of this chatter! Where are the deals?

Right here...


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