WWE fans can’t get over Joker costume at SummerSlam

WWE SummerSlam viewers were surprised when a fan dressed as the Joker, as if out of the DCEU, nearly stole the show from the wrestlers

WWE SummerSlam: WWE fan dressed as Joker with Baron Corbin

We just had WWE SummerSlam, one of the biggest pro wrestling events of the year. Usually, the hottest topic of such a pay-per-view is who won and who lost, but something different dominated discussion this time around. A fan, dressed as the Joker from a Batman movie, was a highlight for viewers on social media.

The attendee in question was sitting at the barrier on the walkway down to the ring, prime position to be caught on camera. He managed more than just a passing shot, seen shouting emphatically at wrestler Baron Corbin (now known as Happy Corbin) during a segment. Dyed green hair, bright white face paint, and a pink outfit make him hard to miss.

WWE itself tweeted a gif of Corbin on the walkway, with the would-be Joker manically shouting behind him. It’s a strikingly bizarre image, and oen that caught many fans’s attention. “This guy could have bought therapy. Instead he picked front row wrestling tickets dressed as The Joker,” tweeted one viewer, another adding: “I really want to enjoy that choir jeering Corbin during his entrance but THAT JOKER is too good.”

We know next to nothing about the fan as yet, which really just makes it all the better. Random guy shows up, pretends like he’s straight from the DCEU, then disappears without a trace.

Anyway, this is just the cherry on the cake for Corbin, who lost his match with Pat McAfee. At least the Joker distracted from losing at one of WWE’s benchmark events? Probably just adds insult to injury overall. The Joker was just one part of the strange PPV – as part of the main event Brock Lesnar drove a tractor to the ring and used it to take apart the stage.

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