The Batman: Cast and characters

There's so much to unpack with The Batman that we figured you could use a hand working out who's who, so here's a cast and character guide

The Batman: Cast and characters

With a runtime of nearly three hours, The Batman is not only the longest Batman movie ever, but the latest instalment in the DCEU is also brimming with action and characters. So much so, that it could be hard to keep track of who’s who when it comes to recognising the faces of Gotham’s heroes and villains. Don’t worry, though, The Digital Fix has done all the investigative work for you and put together a comprehensive cast and character guide.

This dark and gritty new iteration of the famous Caped Crusader offers us a look at Robert Pattinson‘s Bruce Wayne as he enters his second year of crime-fighting. Being relatively new to the vigilante game, this Batman has plenty of allies and adversaries still to cross paths with, and The Batman introduces us to a great selection of Gotham’s citizens.

If you’re wondering who the man under the mask is, can’t quite figure out Catwoman’s allegiance, or you’re trying to put your finger on why The Penguin looks oddly familiar, keep on reading and get the full profile on the main players in The Batman.

The cast of The Batman:

  • Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne/Batman
  • Paul Dano as Edward Nashton/The Riddler
  • Zoë Kravitz as Selina Kyle/Catwoman
  • Jeffrey Wright as Lieutenant James Gordon
  • Colin Farrell as Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin
  • Andy Serkis as Alfred Pennyworth
  • John Turturro as Carmine Falcone

The Batman: Cast and characters

bruce wayne/Batman

We’re pretty sure most people know who Batman is, but just in case, here’s a little breakdown for the uninitiated among us. Bruce Wayne is the son of billionaire philanthropists, Thomas and Martha Wayne. When he witnesses his parents get gunned down, a young Bruce dedicates his life to becoming the ultimate crime-fighter and puts his body on the line to clean up the streets of Gotham City.

In The Batman, the titular character is played by Robert Pattinson, who gives us a younger, less experienced, and raw version of the Bruce Wayne-Batman double-act than we’ve seen in previous Batman movies. You’re most likely to know Pattinson for his work on teen fantasy movies like Twilight and Harry Potter, but the actor has actually done some really exciting projects of late, such as the thriller movie Good Time, and the horror movie The Lighthouse.

The Batman: Cast and characters

edward nashton/the riddler

As you may have guessed from his nefarious nickname, this guy enjoys a good riddle, and has tormented Batman and the citizens of Gotham for years with his quirky questions. The real identity of The Riddler is somewhat ambiguous, with names like Edward Nygma and Edward Nashton being used in comic books and films alike.

This time around, The Riddler is played by Paul Dano, in the darkest and disturbing interpretation of the character to date. Often, this Batman villain is more camp, comical, and not particularly scary, but Dano has brought a serial killer approach to the role for The Batman. You may know Dano for his work in Denis Villeneuve’s Prisoners, or Paul Thomas Anderson‘s classic There Will Be Blood.

The Batman: Cast and characters

selina kyle/catwoman

Now, this lady can be quite confusing at times. Although she generally assists Batman when he needs her, Selina Kyle has a propensity for criminal activity and is a renowned thief (or, cat burglar, if you like). One thing’s for sure, she loves cats, and often has several feline friends.

Zoë Kravitz plays the leather-clad companion to Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight in The Batman, and just about stays on the right side of the moral compass for most of the movie. We also see the relationship between the Bat and the Cat heat up, just as we do many times in the vast comic book lore of Batman. You may know Kravitz from Mad Max: Fury Road, and she also voiced Catwoman in the Lego Batman Movie.

The Batman: Cast and characters

lieutenant james gordon

This man is definitely one of the good guys. James ‘Jim’ Gordon is historically incorruptible throughout pretty much all of the Batman canon, and has taken on Police duties ranging from detective, lieutenant, and commissioner. Gordon is Batman’s main law-enforcement ally, often defending his actions and allowing him access to crime scenes when others are apprehensive about his involvement.

For Matt Reeves’ The Batman, Jeffrey Wright steps into the role of James Gordon, and his character is given more scope than ever to really pair up with Batman and do some brilliant detective work, and the duo have a fantastic chemistry. You may know Jeffrey Wright from the Daniel Craig era of the James Bond franchise, or the TV series Westworld.

The Batman: Cast and characters

oswald cobblepot/the penguin

One of Gotham City’s most despicable characters, Oswald Cobblepot is more interested in seedy affairs and soliciting bribes, than superpowers and mass murder. Due to his appearance, which most commonly features facial disfigurement and limb deformities, Cobblepot is referred to as The Penguin, and he uses this alter ego to strike fear into the criminal underworld.

You’d be forgiven for not having a clue who is playing The Penguin in the new action movie The Batman. Under an astounding level of makeup and prosthetic work, you’d find none other than Colin Farrell, who has completely transformed into the sleazy nightclub owner for this role. You may know Farrell from comedy movies like In Bruges and The Gentleman, or the Disney movie Dumbo.

The Batman: Cast and characters

alfred pennyworth

After the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne, it became the sole responsibility of their butler, Alfred Pennyworth, to care for the young Master Bruce. To be fair, calling him a butler would do the man a disservice. Alfred not only raised Bruce Wayne and acted as the father figure he needed, but he also cares for the Wayne estate, and is a handy, if not sometimes reluctant, assistant to Bruce’s crime-fighting escapades.

For The Batman, Matt Reeves recruited motion-capture expert Andy Serkis to play the role of Alfred. Serkis brings a slightly younger interpretation of the character to ones we have seen in the past, and offered a great level of skill in helping decipher The Riddler’s codes in The Batman. You probably know Andy Serkis better for being the man behind CGI characters such as Gollum in The Lord of the Rings, and Caesar in Reeves’ Planet of the Apes movies. He also showed up in a couple of MCU movies, too, particularly Black Panther.

The Batman: Cast and characters

carmine falcone

Although Carmine Falcone isn’t usually a prominent character in Batman history, particularly live-action movies, he is still a very important figurehead in Gotham society. Important though he may be, he is not a very nice man at all, and is pretty much the head of all street-level crime in the city. A mob boss, with friends in high places, and enemies on every corner, Falcone is not the kind of man you want to cross.

Falcone is given a more substantial role in The Batman, and is played by John Turturro. This character has hardly featured in the trailers and promotion for Matt Reeves’ new movie, but actually plays a big part in the chaotic tangle of lies and deceit at the heart of the story. You may know Turturro from roles in Coen Brothers‘ movies like The Big Lebowski, and a recurring role in the Transformers franchise.

Well, that’s your who’s who guide to the key players in Gotham City for The Batman. For more character-driven discussion, check out our guides to the best Fast and Furious characters, or the best Star Wars characters.