Sarah Shahi says Dwayne Johnson is incredible in Black Adam

Black Adam Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam co-star, Sarah Shahi, has said that the wrestler turned action movie star is amazing in his upcoming DCEU movie. Shahi, who plays Isis, a female counterpart to the magically powered anti-hero Adam, told IMDb that Johnson is incredible in Black Adam and amazingly easy to work with.

“The Rock was incredible. DJ was awesome. We had an incredible cast on Black Adam; he’s super funny,” she said. “He’s very professional and is incredible in this role.” I mean, none of this is really a surprise. Pierce Brosnan was singing Johnson’s praises just the other day, expressing admiration for the manner in which he conducts himself.

“I’ve worked with Dwayne a few times now [on this set], and he’s been very quiet and keeps to himself,” the James Bond star told Haute Living. “I don’t know the man, but I’ve got great admiration for him and what he’s created for himself in life and how he conducts himself with the world at large.”People love Johnson clearly, I mean, it makes sense he is Maui after all, but one person we might like less is Black Adam.

As Johnson himself has promised numerous times at this point, the dark mirror to Shazam has the potential to upset the entire hierarchy of the DC universe. Johnson’s made no secret of the fact that, unlike other superheroes, Adam isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty and is willing to kill if he has to.

This character trait is something Johnson and Black Adam director Jaume Collet-Serra have brought over from the source material. In the comic books, Adam started out as a villain who was the arch-enemy of Shazam. Over time. However, they’ve softened his harder edges, making him more of an anti-villain who’s just as likely to help the heroes of the DCEU as he is to fight them.

While we don’t have any exact details about Black Adam, Warner Bros and the filmmakers will likely take the movie down a similar route. After all, you don’t hire one of the biggest stars in the world and have him be a bad guy for the whole thing.

Black Adam thunders into theatres on July 29, 2022.

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