Leslie Grace could appear as Batgirl in other DCEU movies

A new article has assessed the current state of DC film, and speculated about Leslie Grace's Batgirl appearing in other DCEU movies or TV shows

Leslie Grace as Batgirl

Since the shocking Batgirl cancellation by Warner Bros, many different publications have published articles along the lines of “what’s going on with DC?” and understandably so. And the latest is by Variety, with the title “the confusing state of DC” and makes a reference to the “search for their Kevin Feige.”

While the MCU is by no means perfect, especially in a post-Endgame world, most people agree that it benefits from having a single guiding light at the helm in Kevin Feige. By comparison, DC is in something of a shambles, to put it mildly. The most successful DC related films at the moment are probably The Joker, which has a greenlit sequel, and The Batman which although does not have an officially-greenlit sequel, seems like a safe bet. And neither of these are part of the DCEU.

Everything else is up in the air, including even finished movies such as The Flash. James Gunn keeps ensuring us that his Suicide Squad spin-off Peacemaker is safe, and the Birds of Prey spin-off Black Canary is still in development. The Batman spin-off starring Colin Farrell is reportedly still happening too. But even Wonder Woman 3 isn’t a foregone conclusion at this stage.

As for poor Leslie Grace’s Batgirl, there is a chance that we will see her again in something else. According to Variety; “newly installed Warner Bros. Pictures Group chiefs Michael De Luca and Pam Abdy, in seeking to mend fences with Batgirl star Leslie Grace, are entertaining the possibility of having her continue to play Batgirl in a future DC film (or, at least, star in another Warner Bros. production).” This could potentially be Black Canary.

The article concludes by saying; “the everyday risks faced by any production have been compounded by the shock of the Batgirl cancelation and uncertainty over who will be the new big boss at DC.” The Batgirl cancellation has sent shockwaves through the industry, even if people are working on things unrelated to Warner Bros or DC, it feels like the rug can be pulled from under you at any time.

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