Jason Momoa teases “more Batmans” in Aquaman 2, or maybe he doesn’t

Batfleck is making a come back in Aquaman 2, but did Jason Momoa just reveal that more Batman actors may turn up in the upcoming DC movie too

Jason Momoa teases "more Batmans" in Aquaman 2, or maybe he doesn't

Batman is one of the most iconic characters in the DC Extended Universe, and now he is jumping into more superhero movies. After fighting together in the 2017 Justice League, Ben Affleck and Jason Momoa are set to reunite on the big screen for James Wan’s sequel to the 2018 box-office hit Aquaman – titled, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. However, according to a recent interview with Momoa, Affleck may not be the only Batman actor lined up for Aquaman 2.

In an interview shared on the AP Entertainment Twitter page, Momoa was asked if Affleck would be a part of the aquatic sequel. “Well, I can’t tell you anything about the reunion, he [Affleck] may or may not be in it [Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom], and there could be more or less, or even more Batmans in it,” the star teased. “Who knows? You can only know a little bit.” Momoa then went on to jokingly “boop” the interviewer’s microphone.

The response may be very tongue and cheek but when it comes to matters of Batman, DC fans take things seriously, and the teasing of Momoa does suggest if Affleck does show up, there is a chance that Michael Keaton will too.

Affleck’s inclusion in Aquaman 2 was accidentally confirmed by Momoa in an interview with Variety during the world premiere for See season 3. However, fans have been speculating if Michael Keaton would also show up in the flick due to the fact that his Bruce Wayne makes a comeback and meets his Affleck counterpart in the upcoming action movie, The Flash.

Details about Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom remain tightly under wraps. Currently, it is unclear if our suspicions about Keaton showing up are true, or how big Batman’s role may be. While we wait on more updates, here is our guide to the best Batman villains of all time.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom splashes into cinemas on December 25, 2023.