Jason Momoa spotted ‘working’ as flight attendant because why not?

Jason Momoa recently delighted the passengers on a flight to Hawaii by handing out bottles of water with a pink flower in his hair

Jason Momoa in Aquaman

Like many Hollywood stars, the DCEU‘s Jason Momoa doesn’t just have an acting string to his bow. He has his fingers in many pies – including a clothing line called Soill, and a bottled water company called Mananalu. And he didn’t want to let a recent opportunity to hustle his wares go by, so started passing out bottles of his water on a flight to Hawaii.

To be fair to Momoa, his aluminium bottled water company is more of an environmental campaign, as for every bottle purchased it removes the equivalent of one plastic bottle from the oceans. It was actually when he was on a plane that he got the idea; “On a flight is where the ‘aha’ moment happened for him. He found himself surrounded by single-use plastic water bottles but noticed that the soda, beer, and juice were all in aluminum cans. Why can’t we just package water in aluminum instead of plastic, he thought?”

Someone recently captured Momoa, with a pink flower in his hair, passing out the bottles on a flight to his native Hawaii and posted the video to TikTok. Despite his size, Momoa makes a very good flight attendant.

Some billionaire celebrities, including Taylor Swift and various members of the Kardashian family, have recently come under fire for the CO2 emissions from their private jets. Therefore, Momoa also earns environmental points for getting a commercial flight to Hawaii.

Protection of the oceans is a personal issue for Momoa, who grew up surfing, and one of his first acting roles was in Baywatch. His best-known role is of course as Aquaman, and he will soon be seen in the sequel.

Momoa’s other high-profile roles include the television series Game of Thrones, Frontier, and See. He also had a role in Denis Villeneuve’s Dune, as Duncan Idaho.

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