Colin Farrell says Matt Reeves is “all over” Penguin HBO Max series

Colin Farrell has been discussing The Batman 2, and the Penguin HBO Max TV series, saying that Matt Reeves is all over the planning for both

Colin Farrell as The Penguin

Colin Farrell is currently promoting Ron Howard’s Thirteen Lives, the movie based on the true story of the Thai football team who were rescued from a flooded cave. While on the red carpet at the premiere, he was inevitably asked about both The Batman 2, and the Penguin HBO Max series which is coming.

While Reeve’s Batman films will probably follow previous patterns, which introduced new villains for each installment, Farrell is still very much up for the sequel. Entertainment Tonight‘s Will Marfuggi asked him if he’d be in for the sequel should director Matt Reeves give him a ring. “Oh my god, you kidding me?! It’s so much fun, are you joking [with] me? I’ve been around the block man. That was an easy sport, I mean … it was a joy.”

Farrell and Paul Dano, who played The Riddler had such a good time working with Reeves, they’re both keen to return. “Matt’s up to his bollocks, you know, hovering over the keyboard and just planning the story because he’s just so meticulous. He’s so obsessive about what he does,” Farrell says.

Regarding The Penguin, Farrell said; “he’s [Matt Reeves] all over [HBO Max’s] The Penguin [series] as well. I mean, he’s not gonna direct it, but he’s all over the structure of the scripts and who’s gonna direct them. And so, it’s exciting.”

Rather than either The Riddler or The Penguin returning for The Batman sequel, it seems more likely that Barry Keoghan’s clown-like character (who appeared in a cut-scene released by Warner Bros), will be the main villain. Reeves could also go down the Court of the Owls route, as that was frequently brought up during The Batman.

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