Harley Quinn uses Marvel What If…? to ask if Batman does “that”

Harley Quinn is pondering if there's a multiverse where Batman has a freer love life

Harley Quinn on HBO Max

The Harley Quinn animated TV series has made a jab at some recent DC controversy using the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Utilising the What If…? hashtag, Harley’s official Twitter account asked about some of Batman’s personal behaviours.

If you hadn’t heard, a report had suggested that the Dark Knight isn’t the most giving of lovers. Justin Halpern, executive producer on Harley Quinn, said that DC blocked one particularly explicit scene because “Heroes don’t do that”. Of course, this kicked off a wave of discussion about what heroes do and don’t do, everyone from Val Kilmer to DCEU filmmaker Zack Snyder weighing in.

“What if Batman does do THAT,” the Harley Quinn account tweeted, as Marvel’s new What If…? sci-fi series started trending. This was swiftly followed by a clarification: “By ‘THAT’ I mean abandoning Gotham, DUH”. Minds out of the gutter people. Marvel’s What If…? explores alternate realities where slightly different decisions change the course of history. The first episode has Peggy Carter becoming Captain America ahead of Steve Rogers. Maybe in the DC equivalent, one of the timelines has Batman doing, y’know, that.

Harley Quinn premiered in 2019, and has since become one of the best modern DC productions. Following Harley after she kicks The Joker to the curb, the adult-oriented show takes a playful look at Gotham and its heroes and villains, often to hilarious effect. Halpern, Patrick Schumacker, and Dean Lorey created it, and Kaley Cuoco, of The Big Bang Theory fame, voices Harley.

The third season of Harley Quinn is in production for streaming service HBO Max. The first episode of Marvel’s What If…? is available on Disney Plus now.