Best Black Friday entertainment deals in 2022

Don't miss any of the best Black Friday entertainment deals this year by bookmarking this page and checking back once the sales begin

Best Black Friday entertainment deals

Keep your eye on this page if you don’t want to miss any of the best Black Friday entertainment deals this year. We’ll be updating this page throughout all of November with any exciting Black Friday deals that we happen to come across.

Based on previous years, you should have the opportunity to find discounts on all kinds of entertainment, from the best TV series to the best streaming services, soundbars, and projectors. If you’ve been eying up a certain boxset for a while, Black Friday could be the time to get it. Or maybe you could go for an audio-visual tech upgrade?

We aim to find deals that will encompass every genre and franchise, from science fiction movies and fantasy movies, Star Wars to Lord of the Rings, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and all the best brands. Such a splurge might be too expensive at any other time of year, but Black Friday is an opportunity for you to do it without putting your bank account through too much emotional turmoil.

Goku in Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z Season 1-9 Collection

You can now own one of the best anime series of all time on Blu-ray for just $109.99, which is a discount of 37% off its original price of $174.98 over on Amazon in the US.

Go Super Saiyan and watch Goku and his friends take on the likes of Frieza, Cell, and Majin Buu in one epic box-set. You may not be able to collect the Dragon Balls for real, but you can collect every single episode of this incredible show.

With 153 episodes to sink your teeth into, and a whole host of Dragon Ball Z characters to meet, this collection could keep you busy right into the festive period and beyond.

Quentin Tarantino in Pulp Fiction

Quentin Tarantino’s Cinema Speculation

Quentin Tarantino, one of the most acclaimed filmmakers in Hollywood, has published a memoir composed of anecdotes and personal essays, and you can get the hardcover heavily discounted.  Amazon US has the book at $21.94, some 37% off the standard price, and Amazon UK is selling it for £10.62, a lovely 58% off normal retail.

Charting the films that made up his formative years, Tarantino espouses his views on filmmaking, the movie industry, and whatever else takes his fancy, really. As you’d expect from the man himself, there are no prisoners taken in the views and how they’re offered.

Tom Holland in Spider-Man Far From Home

Spider-Man MCU trilogy

Check out Tom Holland’s Spider-Man movies for a reduced price. In Amazon US, you can get the Spider-Man actor‘s headline films for $19.99, a whopping 64% off. Amazon customers in the UK can enjoy the same boxset for £15.00, getting 25% off.

This Blu-ray set includes Spider-Man: Homecoming, Spider-Man: Far From Home, and Spider-Man: No Way Home, giving you Tom Holland’s full arc as the webhead, minus his other MCU appearances. A must for any Spidey aficionado or Marvel fan!


Marty and Doc watch the time machine in Back to the Future

Back To The Future: The Ultimate Trilogy (4K Ultra-HD)

As exemplified by their recent reunion at New York Comic-Con, the time-hopping adventures of Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd are, ironically, timeless.

With this boxset, which you can get on Amazon UK for 37% off its original price, you can watch all three time-travel movies in eye-popping 4K Ultra HD and then, when you’re done with that, there’s three whole discs worth of bonus features including eight archival featurettes, deleted scenes, a six-part documentary and even an additional short film entitled: Doc Brown Saves the World! And the best part is, it’ll only put you back by £24.99.

Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne

Batman Begins; The Dark Knight; The Dark Knight Rises: Collector’s Editions

Rare Collector’s Editions of each of Batman actor Christian Bale’s Dark Knight trilogy are all currently discounted on Amazon UK. As well as being able to see Bale face off against Heath Ledger’s Joker in 4K Ultra HD, each of these Collector’s Editions include a 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray disc of the Batman movie in a collectible steelbook case, premium packaging with unique artwork, a two-sided poster, a 16-page booklet about the movie along with 10 lobby cards, a storyboard card, and a costume card.

The Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises Collector’s Editions are both 20% off on Amazon UK, and as part of their Black Friday deals can be bought for £31.99 each (down from £39.99). The Batman Begins Collectors Edition also had an RRP of £39.99, but Amazon are giving you 34% off for that one so you can get it for a bargain price of £26.39. Whether you want to buy these Batman movies separately or together, they’re the perfect gift for fans of the Caped Crusader.

More Black Friday entertainment deals

What is life without entertainment? Nasty, brutish, and short. Or at least that’s what Thomas Hobbes said (or something like that, who cares, he’s dead). If you need to bring some joy into your life, here’s a few entertainment deals we’ve been able to scoop out:

How to find the best Black Friday deals

You don’t need to worry about how to find the best Black Friday deals because we’re going to do all the hard work for you. If you’re after anything entertainment related, just bookmark this page and check back closer to the time and we’ll have all the most exciting deals listed here. We also have pages for headphone deals and TV deals.