Javier Bardem reveals ET the Extra-Terrestrial was his childhood crush

Being the Ricardos star Javier Bardem says he was infatuated with ET as a child, seeing Steven Spielberg's family three times in one day

ET the Extra-Terrestrial, and Javier Bardem in Being the Ricardos

We’ve all got our embarrassing childhood crushes. The ones we like when we didn’t know any better. One particular alien movie was the subject a young Javier Bardem’s infatuation, to the point he barely left the cinema when it was out.

In a feature by Vogue spotlighting various A-listers in awards contention at the moment, Bardem was asked about his “childhood movie crush”. His response is a Steven Spielberg classic that’s definitely a bit leftfield. “ET [The Extra-Terrestrial]. I remember the day I saw the film three times in a row,” he says. “I remember when I met Steven Spielberg. He’s such a wonderful man. What an artist.”

To each their own – ET is a brilliant family movie that demonstrates much off the whimsy that’s long been a hallmark of Spielberg’s career. It’s very rewatchable, too, the perfect thing for keeping a child amused for the day with the Taylor family’s struggle to keep the eponymous extra-terrestrial safe, leading to Elliot’s last-ditch effort to rescue him. As Bardem puts it on Spielberg: what an artist.

Bardem is involved due to a number of features from last year: science fiction movie Dune, drama movie Being the Ricardos, and comedy movie The Good Boss. A contrasting set of roles, that’s for sure.

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In another question, he was asked about his Hollywood icons, yielding a decidedly more straightforward answer. “My mum. She’s not from Hollywood but she belongs to the realm of the industry,” he says. “Al Pacino, he’s such a wonderful human being; every time I see him I shake like a teenager.”

A fine set of idols. Being The Ricardos is available on Amazon Prime now.