Barbie movie release date, cast, story, trailer, and more

Margot Robbie is going to bring the world's most popular doll to life so here's everything we know about the Barbie movie release date, cast, and more

Barbie movie release date: Margot Robbie

When is the Barbie movie release date? Are you a Barbie girl in a Barbie world? If so, you may be excited to learn that the world's most popular doll (and her boyfriend Ken) are going to star in their very own live action romance movie.

Starring Margot Robbie as the title character, the upcoming rom-com is doing everything it can to shuck off the baggage of Barbie. Esteemed writers, and married dueo, Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach have been brought on board to write the script, (with Gerwig also directing), and they've packed the cast with more stars than a wizard's robe. We're talking Ryan Gosling, Simu Liu, Will Ferrell, America Ferrera, among many more.

Of course, you may have a few questions about how exactly they plan on bringing Barbie to the big screen. Well, don't worry dear reader, we've scoured the internet to bring you everything we know about the Barbie movie release date, cast, trailer, plot and more. So grab your best pink accessories and strap in…

When is the Barbie movie release date?

Barbie will be driving her pink convertible into theatres on July 21, 2023. Sony Picture began development on a Barbie movie all the way back in 2014, with Amy Schumer originally being lined up to play the title character. Scheduling problems forced Schumer to walk away, and Anne Hathway reportedly started circling the role.

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Unfortunately for Sony, they failed to get the film made before their rights to the character expired, and in 2018, Warner Bros swooped in and saved the project from development hell.

Margot Robbie was quickly signed on to play Barbie and produce the film, while Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach were brought on to write the screenplay. In 2021 it was announced that Gerwig would also direct the feature.

Barbie movie release date: Margot Robbie

Who’s in the Barbie movie cast?

Like with Oppenheimer, it would be easier to say who’s not in the Barbie movie. That said, the only actors whose characters we know are Robbie and Ryan Gosling, who’ll be playing Ken. Both have kept pretty quiet about their irrespective roles, but Robbie told Vogue she’s aware of the baggage that comes with playing Barbie.

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“It comes with a lot of baggage!’ she explained. “And a lot of nostalgic connections. But with that come a lot of exciting ways to attack it. People generally hear “Barbie” and think, “I know what that movie is going to be,” and then they hear that Greta Gerwig is writing and directing it, and they’re like, “Oh, well, maybe I don’t…”‘

On June 15 2022, Warner Bros shared the first look at Gosling’s Ken and, well, it needs to be seen to be believed.

The full Barbie movie cast is:

  • Margot Robbie – Barbie
  • Ryan Gosling – Ken
  • Will Ferrell – the CEO of a toy company
  • America Ferrera
  • Simu Liu
  • Kate McKinnon
  • Ariana Greenblatt
  • Alexandra Shipp
  • Emma Mackey
  • Issa Rae
  • Michael Cera
  • Hari Nef
  • Kingsley Ben-Adir
  • Rhea Perlman
  • Ncuti Gatwa
  • Emerald Fennell
  • Sharon Rooney
  • Scott Evans
  • Ana Cruz Kayne
  • Connor Swindells
  • Ritu Arya
  • Jamie Demetriou

Barbie movie release date: Ken and Barbie in couple outfits

What’s the Barbie movie plot?

At the time of writing, the Barbie movie plot is being kept as secret as Mattel’s recipe for plastic. The official synopsis listed on IMDb reads, “A doll living in ‘Barbieland’ is expelled for not being perfect enough and sets off on an adventure in the real world.”

However, you have to take that with a pinch of salt because anyone with an Internet connection and an absurd love of dull trivia can edit an IMDb page. The only real thing we know about the film is that it’ll be a rom-com and that Robbie is hoping they can honour the character while also surprising audiences.

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“We like the things that feel a little left of centre,” she told The Hollywood Reporter. “Something like Barbie where the IP, the name itself, people immediately have an idea of, ‘Oh, Margot is playing Barbie, I know what that is,’ but our goal is to be like, ‘Whatever you’re thinking, we’re going to give you something totally different — the thing you didn’t know you wanted.’”

Barbie movie release date: Margot Robbie

Is there a Barbie movie trailer?

The Barbie trailer dropped on December 16 2022. Amazingly it was a parody of the science fiction movie 2001 A Space Odyssey, and now we’re even more excited. 

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