Is there an Avatar post-credit scene?

James Cameron's science fiction masterpiece is back in theatres and film fans across the land want to know Is there an Avatar post-credit scene?

Is there an Avatar post-credit scene

Is there an Avatar post-credit scene? Avatar is back in theatres, and judging by its impressive box office; it’s a welcome return. The science fiction movie has brought in $31 million at the global box office, facing off competition from the likes of Don’t Worry Darling.

Still, it’s been 13 years since the action movie was in cinemas, and a lot has changed between now and then. film fans expect a bit more bang for the buck than they used to, and post-credit scenes have become all the rage thanks to Marvel movies.

So does the Avatar re-master have a little tease at the end to set up Avatar 2? Well, we needed to know, so we went off to the cinema to answer the question, ‘is there an Avatar have a post-credit scene?’  

Is there an Avatar post-credit scene?

Yes, the Avatar re-release does have a post-credit sequence. Following the film, audiences will be treated to a brief clip from Avatar 2: The Way of Water. As far as we can see, there are two different post-credit scenes. Both, however, show off the sequel’s incredible underwater world.

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The first shows the children of Jake and Neytiri diving with members of the Metkayina tribe – a group of Na’vi who’ve become specially adapted for life under the sea. The second, meanwhile, shows Jake and Neytiri’s son befriending the Pandoran version of a whale.

If you want to see the footage for yourself (and trust us, you do), Avatar is in theatres now.