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Blithe Spirit Review

What laughs will be manifested by a visitation from these spirits?

Host Review

From the astral plane to your laptop, Host is here to haunt your Lockdown.

Welcome to the Blumhouse: Evil Eye Review

Another outing from Welcome to the Blumhouse, will Evil Eye work it's way into your soul?

Welcome to the Blumhouse: The Lie Review

Blumhouse is giving us a series of new films for Halloween, but maybe we should give this one back.

12 Hour Shift Review

A long night, an idiot cousin, and a stray human kidney. What could possibly go wrong.

Little Girl Review

Little Girl will leave you wishing the world could be as simple as a child's wish to be who they are.

Saint Frances Review

Fresh from Edinburgh Film Festival, Saint Frances is a strong film about the foibles of life.

Open 24 Hours Review

The night shift might be Mary's final shift in this psychological thriller.

Radioactive Review

Rosamund Pike stars as scientific trailblazer Marie Curie, but does it spark?

Chatroom Review

A cyber-thriller from the director of Ring. Could be interesting. It isn't.

Crime, Characters, and Christie in Knives Out

Knives Out is now out on home release, and we can't wait to dive back into this clever and loving tribute to murder mysteries.

A Letter to (a) Cinema

It's not goodbye forever, but it's a goodbye that hurts many.

Color Out of Space Review

Interesting visuals and atmosphere can't save this Nicolas Cage horror

The Turning Review

A new adaptation of a familiar ghost story has little to make it stand apart from the rest.

Weathering with You Review

A new film from the director of Your Name, but will the sun break through the clouds of potential tragedy?

The Report Review

Can the truth change anything? That's the question of this engaging political drama starring Adam Driver.

Little Monsters Review

Take a little trip down to the farm with Little Monsters, at least there aren't any zombie sheep.