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Black Sunday Review

Over fifty years may have passed, but Bava's sensational directorial debut - courtesy of Arrow - retains its power to shock to this day.

Chained Review

It's unremittingly grim, but Jennifer Lynch's new film also proves surprisingly absorbing, as it comes to Blu-ray courtesy of Anchor Bay.

Sinister Review

Momentum unleash Scott Derrickson's brutally tense horror vision on DVD.

Zombie Flesh Eaters Review

Arrow spew forth a splendid high definition release of Lucio Fulci's visually stunning zombie nightmare.

My Ex Review

Piyapan Choopetch's routine vengeful spirit chiller comes to DVD courtesy of MVM.

Apartment 143 Review

Carlos Torren's paranormal investigation feature over-commits and under-delivers, in this uninspiring tale of a presence so powerful that it can turn picture frames upside down.

Chernobyl Diaries Review

Its central premise may have triggered some fallout, and whilst it drums up some initial intrigue, you're unlikely to experience a substantial reaction from Bradley Parker's nuclear horror shocker.

The Mummy's Shroud Review

John Gilling's final film for Hammer is granted a respectful transfer on this solid Studiocanal double-play release.

The Curse of Frankenstein Review

Lionsgate release Hammer's groundbreaking foray into colour on high definition format, with a choice of aspect ratios, some high quality extras, and a somewhat anaemic transfer.

Lady Snowblood Review

Arrow release a stunning reproduction of Toshiya Fujita's highly influential and much underrated 1973 film and its 1974 sequel on Blu-ray for the first time.

Tetsuo/Tetsuo II Review

Third Window unleash Shinya Tsukamoto's dementedly imaginative industrial nightmare and its colour sequel on Blu-ray for the first time.

The Cabin in the Woods Review

Lionsgate release Goddard and Whedon's much hyped horror film on Blu-ray.

Combat Shock Review

Buddy Giovinazzo's searing stab at an America which has betrayed its war veterans is re-released by Arrow on a double DVD pack.

Class of Nuke 'Em High Review

Raising the silliness dial to 11, Arrow release a solid transfer of Troma’s sludgy mid-eighties horror.

Livid Review

Studiocanal release Bustillo and Maury's much anticipated follow-up to Inside on Blu-ray.

The Tunnel Review

Arrow Films release the innovatively funded Australian horror on region 2 DVD.

Himizu Review

Third Window deliver Sion Sono's absorbing Himizu to Blu-ray.

The Victim Review

MVM release Monthon Arayangkoon's enjoyable though over-engineered horror on region 2 DVD.

Airborne Review

The draw of Mark Hamill isn't enough to elevate Airborne anywhere above a very pedestrian horror journey.

The Devil Inside Review

Paramount release the region 2 DVD of William Brent Bell's The Devil Inside, a film which promises much and delivers little.