Mari Jones

Writer, avid filmmaker and all around nerd. I’m a resident film reviewer for The Digital Fix, and I also write my own blog (square-eyed-geek) about anything and everything film or TV related. Obsessed with horror, Marvel and Tarantino, not necessarily in that order. Follow me on Twitter @squareeyedgeek.

My Content

LFF 2019: End of the Century Review

A blast from the past in Lucio Castro’s intriguing relationship drama.

LFF 2019: Rewind Review

A devastating documentary that revisits a painful past.

Of Flesh and Blood: The Cinema of Hirokazu Kore-eda Review

Loss and family take centre stage in this exceptional Hirokazu Kore-eda boxset.

Eighth Grade Review

Teenage kicks of a very different kind in Bo Burnham’s excellent comedy-drama

Climax Review

There ain’t no party like a Gaspar Noé party.

Dave Made a Maze Review

A magical cardboard journey that sadly falls flat.

ArteKino Festival: Flesh Memory Review

An intriguing documentary about the life of camgirl Finley Blake.

LFF 2018: The Cannibal Club Review

The unusual appetites of a wealthy couple make for a deliciously dark satire.

LFF 2018: Étangs Noirs Review

An undelivered package takes one man on a journey across Brussels in this intriguing yet puzzling film.

LFF 2018: Mari Review

A family's life is thrown into turmoil in this tender drama, which uses dance to bring its beautiful story to life.

LFF 2018: Lords of Chaos Review

The bizarre true story of a Norwegian black metal group and their shocking rise to fame.

LFF 2018: Journey to a Mother’s Room Review

A mother and daughter come to terms with their grief in a profound and deeply moving drama.

LFF 2018: The Guilty Review

An emergency call operator finds more than one life on the line in Gustav Möller’s taut, one location thriller.

LFF 2018: Cam Review

The world of a webcam girl is thrown into crisis in this unnerving horror-thriller

Custody Review

Taut, terrifying and incredibly real, Xavier Legrand’s Custody is a family drama that will have you on the edge of your seat

Take Shelter Review

Something bad is on the horizon in Jeff Nichols' Take Shelter, out now on Limited Edition Blu-ray

Fishbowl California Review

An endearing comedy-drama about an unlikely friendship, Fishbowl California isn't groundbreaking, but is a watchable film lifted up by some excellent performances.

You Were Never Really Here Review

Lynne Ramsay returns to the screen with an intense, bloody thriller.

Family Values: Three Films by Hirokazu Kore-eda Review

It's a family affair with Arrow's boxset release of three of Hirokazu Kore-eda's most exceptional works.

Animal Factory Review

You don’t always find animals at the zoo.