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Spooks Revisited: A Look Back at Series Ten

For viewers who have stuck with the show over a whole decade, series ten of Spooks positively thrums with consequence and emotion – but also holds up as riveting six hours of drama for casual viewers.

Spooks Revisited: A Look Back at Series Nine

Series nine proves just how thrilling Spooks can be. Sharp writing and a fresh modern feel make for the best and most psychological series yet.

Spooks Revisited: A Look Back at Series Eight

Series eight of Spooks starts off a little differently - and ends better than the two previous series did. Find out why in the latest instalment of Spooks Revisited from The Digital Fix.

Spooks Revisited: A Look Back at Series Seven

The seventh series of Spooks improves upon its predecessor with a reduced episode count and better plot structure.

Spooks Revisited: A Look Back at Series Six

A new serialised format helps keep things fresh as Spooks passes the halfway point with its sixth series.

Spooks Revisited: A Look Back at Series Five

You wouldn’t expect a show about British spies to bring tears to your eyes, but that's exactly what series five of Spooks does.

Spooks Revisited: A Look Back at Series Four

Series four of Spooks is a fresh iteration of the brand. Some characters are served better than others, but the show remains solidly engaging.

Lovecraft Country: 1.10 Full Circle

Lovecraft Country ends its first season with a jam-packed, high-stakes final episode. A lot happens - perhaps too much.

Lovecraft Country: 1.09 Rewind 1921

We’ve had spells, enchantments, aliens and monsters, and this week’s instalment of 'Lovecraft Country' dusts off yet another tried and true science fiction trope – time travel.

Spooks Revisited: A Look Back at Series Three

The third series of Spooks consolidates the best of the first and second: character drama intertwined with spy action, thematically rich episodes and a mix of strong ideas.

Lovecraft Country: 1.08 Jig-a-Bobo

Spells and monsters again combine with acute social comment in a big episode of 'Lovecraft Country' – although, when is the show ever anything less?

The Comey Rule: Review

'The Comey Rule' depicts the puzzling ineptitude and arrogance of figures in the Trump administration - notably of Trump himself.

Lovecraft Country: 1.07 I Am.

The latest episode of HBO's 'Lovecraft Country' fiercely celebrates Black power – and Black femininity – in the face of systemic inequality.