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Elementary 2.11 - Internal Audit

Is Sherlock becoming nice? Episode 11 update ahead...

Sleepy Hollow: 1.10 - The Golem

Ichabod must battle witches and a monster of Katrina's making in Episode 10...

Cinema Paradiso 25th Anniversary Remastered Edition Review

Nostalgia-fest or cinematic history? John reviews this fine restoration

Dracula: 1.06 - Of Monsters and Men

Handsome, brainy but can't do garlic bread. Episode 6 of Dracula

Elementary: 2.10 - Tremors

With detective Bell shot on account of Sherlock, the NYPD are thinking of firing him....

Mob City: 1.01-2 - A Guy Walks Into a Bar/Reason to Kill a Man

La Noir or La Nooooo? We review Frank Darabont's latest TV venture

Arrow: 2.08 - The Scientist

Ahhh, he saved every one of us? Arrow meets Barry Allen...

Castle: Catch-up

"when they met, it was murder". Has Castle become the new Hart to Hart?

A BBC Christmas

"Let's hope it's a good one without any fear"....