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Jessica Jones: 1.04 AKA 99 Friends

We're back with our episode reviews of Jessica Jones, as new writer Hel Jones picks up with episode four...

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One of the year's Frightfest highlights.

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Hel takes a look at Alberto Rodríguez’s Marshland on DVD

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Italian drama comes to the cinema and VOD TODAY!

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An all-men boat trip turns into a competition to prove who, among them, is 'the best'

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This documentary takes a new look at Marlon Brando's life.

The Witch Review

1630. Living at the edge of a forest in New England, a family panics when one of the children disappears.

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Tobe Hooper horror gets a decent Arrow disc.

Dead of Winter Review

88 Films turn out an average disc for an average film

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Hel Jones tackles Arrow Video's superlative four disc limited edition release of Videodrome

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Hel Jones reviews Thomas Cailley's Les Combattants (Love at First Fight)