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Jamestown 1.01

Jamestown: mail order brides who refuse to conform and smelly, drunken men who will rue the day they thought they could buy women.

Lady Macbeth Review

Hel reviews William Oldroyd's stunning Lady Macbeth.

Girls: 6.10 Latching

Hel revisits the final episode of Girls and offers some insight into why it was revered by so many.

Girls: 6.09 Goodbye Tour

The Girls penultimate episode Goodbye Tour does exactly what it suggests and bids farewell to Shosh, Marnie, Jessa and Hannah.

Girls: 6.08 What Will We Do This Time About Adam?

Hel continues her episode reviews of the final season of Girls.

Moana Review

Moana - a future Disney classic full of magic and mana.

Girls: 6.07 The Bounce

Elijah attends an open call for a new musical and Marnie attempts to pawn a family heirloom, while Hannah awaits a phone call from Puka-shell-necklace-wearing Papa Paul-Louis.

Girls: 6.06 Full Disclosure

Hannah's moving forward with her pregnancy but does she tell Paul-Louis? Marnie's at a crossroads, and Adam seeks Hannah's approval for his film, Full Dis:closure.

Girls: 6.05 Gummies

Hannah starts telling people about her lentil which culminates in a) losing a stoned Mama Loreen and b) a brutal exchange with Elijah. Ray comes to term with his loss while Adam's begins shooting his film.

Girls: 6.04 Painful Evacuation

A Painful Evacuation: Desi takes steps towards recovery and Adessa decide to make movies (no, not those kind). While Ray suffers a crushing blow and Hannah receives some unexpected news.

Girls: 6.03 American Bitch

"American Bitch" tackles sexual harassment and consent head-on (pun intended) in this week's Girls.

Girls: 6.02 Hostage Situation

Poughkeepsie, pills, and W.E.M.U.N - do not miss this week's episode of Girls.

Girls: 6.01 All I Ever Wanted

The ladies are back for one *sob* final *sob* season.

La La Land Review

Damien Chazelle jazzes up nostalgia and pays homage to the Hollywood musical.

The Ones Below Review

The Ones Below covers a lot of hard-hitting themes and subjects