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We Recommend: The Fast Show

It's back, and set to be as funny as ever.

My Favourite Christmas Show: Bernard and the Genie

Written by the guy behind Love, Actually. Starring Blackadder, Nightcrawler and that bloke who used to be married to Dawn French. No wonder it's so good.

Doctor Who - The Video Game

But should we be excited or worried about our favourite television show?

We Recommend: Copycats

Kids TV is getting better. Or at least, this show is making it seem that way.

We Recommend: The Young Apprentice

The first episode has been broadcast, and we really think you should give this a go.

TV shows we're looking forward to

We let you know what you likely to be glued to over the next 12 months

Coming soon to BBC One

Brand new showreel for BBC One's 2012 lineup

Top Ten: TV Robots

Bidi-Bidi-Bidi — we have our ten best TV robots.

Outnumbered is back

Not only has series four been announced but we have a date too!

New Big Brother House

New channel, new house and brand new pictures!

Superheroes of Suburbia

Real life superheroes....... or not?

New Charlie's Angels

Femme-fatales come to UK TV.

Mr Sheen bites the dust

Better get your mourning suit out...

Inspector Morse is back!

New feature length episode set to mark 25th Anniversary

Eureka is back, but for how long?

Good news and bad news on the horizon for A Town Called Eureka fans

The Walking Dead Series 2

The zombies are back this October and we have the trailer to prove it

Season 9, Episode 1

There's a new dragon in town...