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Death Vessel - Nothing Is Precious Enough For Us

Singing like you've got your knackers in a twist might be good for a joke, but not for an album, writes Allan Johnstone.

Weekly Singles Round-up: October 27th 2008

Allan Johnstone reviews this week's singles and comes to the conclusion that sometimes, a barcode is enough...

Weekly Singles Round-up: August 25th 2008

The week beginning the 25th of August 2008 will probably go down in the world of music as being ‘ultimately not very memorable’.

Weekly Singles Round-up: 21st July 2008

Allan Johnstone finds slim pickings on the singles front...

The Lines - Memory Span

From the mists of the late 70s, another great lost band? Allan Johnstone explores further.

Weekly Singles Round-up: 16th June 2008

It’s a very middle of the road singles round up this week. In fact, it’s so middle of the road that any halfway decent music has had to be diverted to another lane.

Weekly Singles Round-up: 12th May 2008

This week, a Cadence Weapon, a Pigeon Detective and a Ventriloquist. More bewildering than it sounds.

Weekly Singles Roundup- 7 April 2008

Time for a nice warm bath in synths. Allan Johnstone plunges in.

Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly - Searching for the Hows and Whys

Try searching for a tune, mate. And some decent lyrics...

Lenny Kravitz - It Is Time For A Love Revolution

Lenny Kravitz sets out his stall as the foremost political thinker of his age on an album that stands shoulder to shoulder with the Communist Manifesto as a statement of ideological intent. No, really. I'm not kidding. He really does. Really.

Weekly Singles Round-Up: 29th October 2007

Why is music so bad these days? I’ll tell you why. It’s because of you. You people. You’ll buy anything.

Weekly Singles Round-up: 17th September 2007

If Marc Bolan was still alive, would he be listening to Radio 2? And would he like the new Turin Brakes single?


A new dawn for music, or another step in Liars' journey into total obscurity? Allan Johnstone reviews.

Nick Drake - Family Tree

An insight into the development of an iconic talent, or a fine cure for insomnia? Very much the latter. Allan Johnstone reviews.

Weekly Singles round-up: 25 June 2007

Blandness, thy week begins 25th June 2007...

You Say Party! We Say Die! - Lose All Time

Further proof (if it was needed) that there’s more to Canada than maple leaves, Mounties, bilingualism, liberal politics, and functional if uninspiring architecture.

Harrisons - No Fighting In The War Room

The New Yorkshire scene hits critical mass. Allan Johnstone reviews...

1977- Spirit of Punk

Does the world need another punk compilation? If it's as good as this one, yes!