For someone who is yet to release their first album, 2021 is set to be something pretty spectacular for emo-pop goddess Maisie Peters. Not only is she set to release her debut album later this year, she's surprised everyone - even her most ardent fans - with the news that before that one even hits the shelves she has another whole album set to release THIS month.

Not only that, she's also one of the youngest musicians ever to create curate and score an entire soundtrack for Apple TV+'s upcoming series, Trying.

To mark that amazing feat, today she has revealed the first track from that collection - her collaboration with James Bay, 'Funeral'.

Maisie says: “Being asked to make a whole soundtrack was a huge challenge as I’d never done anything like that before, but it was super interesting to me, so, I said “yes”. Having spoken with Jim [O’Hanlon] and reading all the scripts, I started piecing it together with Joe [Rubel] and we wrote the bulk of it in two months last winter over FaceTime. Building the universe was so fun, and it was really special getting to collaborate with James, Griff, and Bear’s Den, as I’ve been big fans of them most of my life.”

The Trying: Original Series Soundtrack is set for release on 21st May and features the following tracks:

  1. Neck Of The Woods
  2. Milhouse
  3. Funeral (feat. James Bay)
  4. Helicopter
  5. Happy Hunting Ground (feat. Griff)
  6. I Want You To Change (Because You Want To Change) (feat. Bear’s Den)
  7. The Party
  8. Glowing Review
  9. Lunar Years

Maisie Peters second album of the year will be released later this Summer!