The most recent update to Civilization VI introduced a new 2K launcher that appears to act as another storefront - even if you're playing the game via Steam. Many users are now reporting issues with the new launcher that is either preventing them from playing the game at all, or stopping it working in certain circumstances.

The launcher itself also prevents players starting the game via Steam Remote Play - the only way to join a game via Steam's streaming technology is to launch the game and then connect which adds extra steps or full roadblocks to those who don't have direct access to their gaming rig.

It is possible to bypass the launcher, although some users are reporting even this isn't helping them get into their games and Firaxis/2K have issued a statement that they're investigating the issues.

On top of this, and likely unrelated to the launcher, a number of players - this one included - are also now experiencing crashing at random intervals either via full lockups or an instant exit to desktop.