Bill Paxton improvised one of Aliens’ most iconic lines

As Hudson in 1986 science fiction movie Aliens, Bill Paxton gave a hilarious performance, but one of his best lines was actually improvised

Bill Paxton in Aliens

As a 1980s science fiction movie, there are moments in Aliens that no doubt make us cringe a little bit now — but the film still gave us some iconic moments. A lot of the more lighthearted and memorable moments from the alien movie come from Bill Paxton, who played the hysterical Hudson.

To be fair, given the character is stuck on a planet surrounded by Xenomorphs, you can’t blame him for being a bit freaked out. But it did lead to some iconic lines line “Game over man” that even now, over 30 years later, have become synonymous with the James Cameron movie.

Back in 2016, prior to an appearance at Comic-Con, Paxton revealed (via Uproxx) that this infamous line was actually something he improvised.

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“I’m not great at improvising on the spot,” he revealed. “The stuff I improvised was stuff that wasnt in the script, but it was stuff that I’d throw at Jim [Cameron] in a rehearsal.  Jim is a  –  his mind’s like a steel trap. He’d remember something I’d said when we were rehearsing at a scene we were shooting 2 months later. He’d say, ‘You said something when we rehearsing to Sigourney. You said something about the express elevator to hell…put that in here.’ That was kind of cool, that was kind of fun. ‘Game over, man,’ was really the background of the character.”

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