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Luis Guzmán to play Gomez in Tim Burton’s Addams Family spin-off

Traffic actor Luis Guzman has been cast as Gomez Addams in Netflix's Time Burton Addams Family TV series

Wednesday: Luis Guzman cast as Gomez Addams

Luis Guzmán has officially been cast in Tim Burton’s Addams Family spin-off TV series, Wednesday – which is set to release exclusively on the streaming service Netflix. The award-winning actor is up to bat as the romantic eccentric from everyone’s favourite spooky family, Gomez Addams.

According to Collider, Guzmán, known for his performances in Traffic and Boogie Nights, is set to star as Gomez in the latest live-action take on the Addams family. Guzmán joins a long line of exceptional talent that has brought the character to life, such as John Astin, Raul Julia, Tim Curry, and most recently, the voice of Oscar Isaac in the new animated movies. Produced by Burton himself, the actor will be a guest star in the eight-episode spin-off series, playing the father of the show’s titular character, Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega).

Netflix’s live-action revival of the creepy American gang will be unlike any other Addams Family project that has come before it. Instead of focusing on the whole kooky family unit, the series will primarily follow Wednesday Addams, centring around her school years studying in Nevermore Academy, and the journey to master her psychic abilities.

The supernatural teen must also solve a mystery tied to her eccentric parents, and stop a murder spree that has been plaguing the local town. Any long time Addams Family fans will know how massive this shift is from the Addams Family’s typical light-hearted style. Instead of a whimsical black comedy, Wednesday puts a darker teenage spin on the iconic family, more in line with other hit Netflix series, such as Riverdale or the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Only time will tell if this tonal shift will pay off.

Currently, there is no release date for Wednesday, or word on who will be playing Gomez’s significant other, Morticia Addams.  In the meantime, we can all look forward to the animated movie, The Addams Family 2, which is set to premiere on October 1.