Sherlock: The Hounds Of Baskerville - Spoiler-Free Preview!

The second week of Sherlock series 2 tackles one of his big cases: The Hound Of The Baskervilles, updated for the modern age by upping the number of hounds and decreasing the Baskervilles.

And we’ve seen a preview of the episode. Last week’s Scandal In Belgravia divided opinions (as scandals sometimes do), with some loving it, such as me, the spoiler-free previewer, and others less enthusiastic, including the Proper Reviewer on this site. How did it go this time?


This middle episode is our heroes’ chance to escape their London comfort zone, and so we see Holmes and Watson in the wilderness, summoned by guest star Russell Tovey to search for a mythical gigantic hound savaging people on the moors.

I love Tovey, as should be clear from the gushing reviews of Him & Her, so I was excited by his appearance, and he delivers here, more anguished than his usual fresh-faced everychap, but with enough of that to keep his character sympathetic. If anything, I’d have liked to see more of him, but I guess it’s not his show.

The story itself, by Mark Gatiss, teases us constantly about the reality of the hellhound, and toys with the Holmes/Watson relationship a little too. After all the messing with Sherlock’s personal life last week, it’s refreshing to see him get out there and just investigate a mystery again, and even better that it’s a good one.

Those of you who like your crime dramas down-to-earth might find the more OTT elements this week a bit much, particularly one scene involving Sherlock’s advanced techniques. Still, this is a strong, regular yet engaging episode of the series, and keeps the mid-section humming much better than last year’s Blind Banker. Now, of course, we wait in hushed anticipation to find out whether the Proper Reviewer liked it as well.

Oh, and for next week’s Holmes/Moriarty showdown. That should be pretty good too.

In the meantime, you can see more content, including trailers for this episode, on the BBC official Sherlock site, and we posted a gallery of pictures as well.