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Atlantis replaces Merlin! 3D Doctor Who!

As reported by BBC News themselves, the Beeb have made a few big announcements about drama commissioning. Biggest in our areas of interest are: Atlantis, a new 13-part early evening drama that takes Merlin's old place on the schedules, and the possibility of Doctor Who in 3D.

So what do we know?

Secrets Of Atlantis, Obviously

Atlantis comes from Merlin creators Julian Jones and Johnny Capps, with scripts (all of them?) by Misfits mastermind and frequent Merlin contributor Howard Overman. So that's a decent creative pedigree, and pretty much ensures I'll give it ago. It will be 13 episodes of 45 minutes and, yes, will sit squarely in the Saturday evening autumn slot recently vacated by that boy wizard.

I guess they need something to catch the "Doctor Who isn't on!" audience. Plot-wise, it's another myth-based drama, set in the lost city of Atlantis and starring a character called Jason, possibly of "and the Argonauts" fame. It will be Greek myths and legends, so that's the wheelhouse. There's a good Den of Geek piece giving some more details.

I Thought Time Was The Fifth Dimension?

Elsewhere in Doctor Who land, we have news of a 3D adventure. Does this mean a short story in 3D? A segment of the upcoming 50th anniversary special in 3D? Details are sparse. At least I might finally get some use from those 3D glasses I kept from the cinema.

Steven Moffat says cleverly of the venture: "Technology has finally caught up with Doctor Who and your television is now bigger on the inside."

In other Who news, fans complain about anniversary celebrations without having all the information, the BBC give them a calm talking-to.

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