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NEW Game of Thrones season 3 teaser!

There are 2.5 months remaining before Game of Thrones returns, and it looks like the PR campaign is going to be with us all the way. First teaser!

I think "teaser" is the correct term for a trailer that contains no actual footage and is quite short. Still a cool bit of video though, take a look.

So, does this new tease relate at all to the material? I haven't heard anything about the future A Song Of Ice And Fire books (on which Game of Thrones is based) bringing the characters to "our" world, so presumably this is just nice looking symbolism.

But it's lovely and more interesting than most trailers get to be. Still, mustn't get too excited, still ages to go before we see the episodes. Game of Thrones returns to HBO on 31st March and Sky Atlantic in the UK a day later...