We Recommend: Doctor Who - Pond Life

The new series of Doctor Who starts in only a few days, this Saturday in fact, with the series premiere Asylum of the Daleks!

However, as a small warm-up for the new run, the BBC are running a daily mini-series called Pond Life on the official site, focusing on the domestic life of Amy and Rory Pond/Williams. I assume the subtitle of the upcoming series where the two of them leave the show will be Pond Cleaning?

Anyway. The first episode is embedded below, I would review it but it's less than a minute long, so hard to form sophisticated critical opinions. There's a couple of funny shots with the Doctor, hopefully a storyline will develop tomorrow. As the Doc himself said a few years back, whatever you do, don't blink. Or you'll miss the entire thing.

Still, it's good to see them again.



out of 10