Deep Breath: 12 Teasers

The new series of Doctor Who begins tonight on BBC One (as you didn't know) and the time of Capaldi is nearing!

But in advance of the new series, find twelve teasers for tonight's feature-length premiere below. And if you're really spoilerphobic then DON'T READ!

Mild spoilers follow:

Last warning!

- A previous encounter with a historical figure reads its head

- The new Doctor has a dislike of karaoke and mime

- "I'm not just being rhetorical - you can join in."

- The Doctor's eyebrows are a cause for concern

- Clara, according to the Doctor, sure has let herself go

- Vastra's interest in Clara is not merely a professional one

Deep Breath
- The Doctor is no good at riding a horse - or cryptic crosswords

- Deep Breath has a lot in common with Robot - and The Twin Dilemma

- A T-rex in the Thames has a spot of indigestion at the start of the episode

- "I never know where the faces come from, they just pop up."

- The Doctor has something in common with Vanessa Feltz in Celebrity Big Brother at one point

- "If there's trouble, where else would the Doctor be?"

The eighth series of Doctor Who kicks off with 'Deep Breath' tonight at 7.50pm on BBC One and BBC One HD.

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