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PS3 System Software Update - v4.10

From today, if you switch your PlayStation on you can either manually update the system to v4.10 or will be asked to do so automatically. What does this latest piece of magical jiggery pokery do?

-The Internet Browser has been improved. This will result in better display of content and page layouts are displayed with greater accuracy. Some websites that could not be displayed correctly prior to the release of PS3 system software 4.10, including interactive websites, are now supported.

-You can automatically set the time more accurately via the Internet every time your PS3 system connects to PlayStation Network (PSN). This can be done via [Settings] > [Date and Time Settings] > [Set Automatically] on the XMB (XrossMediaBar).

-PSN Account will be renamed Sony Entertainment Network Account. This will not result in any changes to how you log in or the details you use to do so.

Thanks to PlayStation Blog for providing the information. Get online and update your system and let us know below whether the internet browser really does seem better now and/or your thoughts on the re-branding and what it might mean for the future...


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