The Digital Fix - Charity Drive 2013

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  • 12:01 on 8th Feb 2013
  • By Colin Polonowski

We're kicking off our charity drive with a series of smaller, but no less important, causes picked by members of the TDF team. Over the next twelve months we will be raising money for four charities or causes that mean something to the people that run the site.

First up is something that is local to TDF's headquarters in Wiltshire - and something that has grabbed national attention in the last year. That of the brave fight of Tony Nicklinson who was hit with a stroke in 2005 leaving him paralysed from the neck down with "locked-in syndrome". Tony subsequently lead a legal 'right to die' legal campaign with his family which to date has touched the hearts of many. Tony unfortunately passed away last year, but his wife Jane, and daughters, Lauren and Beth continue to appeal in the hope that others will be able make the choice that Tony was denied.

Until Tony's death the family were entitled to legal aid to fight for this cause, unfortunately now this right has gone yet the family continue to appeal in the hope that others eventually have right to die at the time they choose. We think this is a worthwhile cause that deserves more attention and we're proud to support their aims. No money raised will be used to cover legal fees, but instead to cover other costs related to the appeal.

You help the Nicklinson family fight this appeal via this link.


We now have a Donations forum for you to offload anything you don't want in return for donations to the cause. Click here to view the forum.

We'll be launching some other fundraising initiatives soon.

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