Introducing your NEW Digital Fix

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  • 06:22 on 13th Feb 2012
  • By Colin Polonowski

It can't have escaped your attention - we've changed. We're brighter, sleeker, more colourful and bigger than we were a scant few hours ago!

The Digital Fix is reborn. You can still expect the same content but now it comes packaged in a much more modern wrapper, one which is designed from the ground up with readers in mind.

We've put more content in easy reach and added links around the whole Digital Fix Network so you can see the latest updates in music, film, television, gaming and technology wherever you are.

That's right - we have a whole new section - Technology. Here you'll be able to find the latest news on all things geek, from the latest tablet and smartphone announcements to news on space, nature and anything else that would set any tech-fan's heart-a-flutter.

This is only the beginning. Even now, this soon after launch, we're beavering away on new improvements and additions that will appear over the coming weeks and months. Expect the site to continue to evolve and grow.

Let us know what you think in the comments below and if you REALLY like us then please tweet this to all your friends!

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